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The ideal processing should produce safe and nutrient rich food using energy efficient modern technology which is hygienic. This is true for our process.

We produce sweetener from certified organic sugarcane. Sugarcane is procured from Certified Organic Farmers at right stage to obtain a better product.

Sugarcane juice is clarified using vegetative clarificants only. The Juice is then filtered and evaporated using closed Multiple Effect Vacuum Evaporators with indirect heating using steam at a very low temperature. This process retains natural flavor, aroma, nutritional and medicinal values of sugarcane. Our low temperature process avoids formation of cancer causing compound like Acrylamide.

Traditional Method

  • Involves use of high temperature (up to 800 degree Celsius) which is not only energy inefficient but also leads to formation of cancer causing Acrylamide.
  • Inversion takes place due to high temperature..
  • Chemicals like hydrosulphite are used to bleach.
  • Being energy inefficient requires lot of fuel which is not ecofriendly. Bagasse is insufficient and required additional fuel. To meet this, people are forced to use highly polluting materials like tyres and plastic.
  • Process is unhygienic.
  • Low shelf life of final product as it retains moisture up to 8% .

Our Method

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  • Process is energy efficient and there is no formation of Acrylamide due to use of low boiling temperature (up to 85 degree Celsius).
  • Inversion doesn’t take place due to low temperature.
  • No chemical is used in the process.
  • Process is energy efficient and bagasse is sufficient to meet the fuel requirement. It is more ecofriendly.
  • Process is hygienic.
  • Higher shelf life of final product as it moisture content is reduced to as low as 2%.

Our production technique is more eco and consumer friendly being energy efficient, hygienic and nutrient rich.

Our sweetener is low in glycemic index and is a good replacement for sugar in tea, coffee and milk. It could also be used as a spread over roti, chapatti and dosa etc..

The world is growing organic!

Organic farming involves use of natural, organic and locally available inputs to keep soil alive and to improve its health and crop production. It relies on eco-friendly practices such as use of organic manures, green manuring, use of bio-fertilizers and biological pest and disease control measures. This has been the way of life since ancient time. However, over a period, excess use of harmful chemicals has spoiled soil health and poisoned food.

Growing awareness about harmful chemicals in food-chain and need to consume clean and healthy food has again drawing people towards traditional way of farming i.e organic farming. Through organic farming chemical free, tastier and healthier food can be produced. It is a step towards saving our environment

How do we serve a healthy organic Product ?


1. Soil Health

We educate and motivate farmers to grow nitrogen fixing green manure crops and to use Farm Yard Manure (FYM) which includes cow dung and urine for improving soil fertility, soil structure and moisture retention capacity along with immunity against pests and diseases


2. Quality Planting Material

We provide Beejamrut treated traditional varieties of planting material of sugarcane which are high in nutritional and medicinal values and are resistant to pests and diseases.


3. Agri Input

We provide agricultural inputs like bio-compounds for seed treatment, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and growth promoters for supporting organic cultivation.


4. Cultivation

We provide technical assistance to farmers in following better cultivation practices which are more efficient and eco-friendly.


5. Certification

Our qualified and trained staff looks in to the internal audit as well as certification of the land by Government approved Agencies as per National and International Standards.


6. Harvesting

We educate and train farmers in timely harvesting of crops in order to get the benefit of better quality, shelf life and remunerative return for their produce.


7. Processing

Organic produce of farmers is processed at our processing unit adhering to higher standards of hygiene and processing protocol.


8. Marketing

Our ready to use processed product is packed and stored in hygienic condition using automatic machines and is marketed under the brand name "ORCANE".

Way Forward

We are, in addition to production of organic cane sweetener, putting effort to conserve our traditional varieties of sugarcane which are rich in nutritional and medicinal values. As of now 15 varieties of sugarcane collected from different parts of South India are being multiplied for the purpose of supply to our farmers & to obtain a good nutritional value product.

Waste Management

Haritwa Technologies understands the importance of recycling and reuse of waste (agro-waste) and water in reducing ecological footprints. Everything produced under this process has an end use.

  • The leftover bagasse after extracting sugarcane juice is used as fuel for boiler.
  • Ash produced in the above process used as manure for agriculture.
  • The effluent water, which is free of any chemicals, is used for preparing compost.
  • Other bio-waste is used in the preparation of Compost which in turn is used for agriculture.
  • At our unit we harvest rain water and for this purpose we have created a pond which also serves as a habitat for many aquatic flora and fauna.




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